Thesis Supervision

Besides the daily job of study design, data analysis and paper writing, I  supervise Students, mostly from the fields of Medicine, Medical Technology, Neuroscience and Cognitive Sciences. If you are interested in a Thesis or an Internship in our Lab, you can contact me and i’ll gladly consider your application. Among others, I have supervised theses on

(2017): Task-abhängige und -unabhängige kortikomuskuläre Interaktionen während komplexer Greifbewegungen. MD Thesis

(2016): Multimodales physiologisches Monitoring während einer Motor Imagery Aufgabe mit BCI-gesteuertem haptischem Feedback. MD Thesis

(2015): Optimization of feedback parameters for restorative brain-computer-interfaces. Bachelor Medical Engineering

(2014): Die Handöffnung: eine Analyse der muskulären Aktivität. Bachelor Medical Engineering

(2014): Evidence of phase and power entrainment using tACS in the Human Cortex. Master Neural and Behavioral Sciences

(2013): Development of a device for real-time closed-loop transcranial current stimulation. Bachelor Medical Engineering

(2013): Frequency specific modulation of corticomuscular interactions. Bachelor Medical Engineering


Every winter term, i teach a seminar on „Neuroprosthethics and Neuromodulation“, covering Clinical Applications, Signal Processing, Brain Stimulation, and Neurofeedback Learning. Places are prioritzed for medical technology students, but if you are interested in joining, i’ll consider your application.

2013-2017: Neuroprothetics and Neuromodulation

2013: Bridging the Gap. Introduction to Ethics for Scientists